Independent Access

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Independent Access
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Independent access is a requirement that contains many aspects of our daily lives from accessing cultural activities in the city to education, health and participation in economic life. Many problems that are encountered in the city and which we sometimes ignore, present obstacles in the access of disabled people to the services/facilities provided as a part of the urban infrastructure. In some cases, these services/facilities are also incompatible with the assistive devices currently used by disabled people. They result in the prevention of independent access. When it is evaluated by visually impaired people, poor practices within the urban infrastructure cause inconsistency of the solutions offered and may even result in their misdirection or lack of orientation.

One another concern is that the information and directions presented in the city are mostly visual. For these reasons, the need for “assistance” in certain situations becomes inevitable, even though in many cases this can be eliminated by providing correct design solutions. Independent access is a necessity for everyone, and within the scope of this project. Firstly, the problems that prevent access to services/facilities within the city may be researched and then the solutions that can provide a better urban experience for all will be developed. This project will be carried out in collaboration with “Six Dots Foundation for the Blind”.

Specific areas that can be examined within the subject are:

  • Direction systems used in the City
  • Creating a common language for direction systems
  • Multi-sensory solutions
  • Accessible information systems
  • Easy access to all kinds of urban services
  • Accessible digital solutions
  • Independent access to transportation systems
  • Unassisted endpoint transportation

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