One Day You Too

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One Day You Too
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Aleyna Özaltaş, Oğuz Kavan, Doğa Köroğlu, Simge Yaktubay, Eda Belirdi

Homelessness, which is regarded as one of the important problems of today, is increasing day by day with the pandemic conditions. There are many definitions of homelessness, which often focus on the lack of housing, especially a place to sleep and family ties. Research has shown that homeless individuals have needs not only for shelter but also for nutrition, health and social issues. In view of these problems, it was seen that there is lack of studies that address the needs of homeless people in the country scale.

Discussions were held with group members and course instructors on the design of a shelter unit for the homeless. As a result of the exchange of ideas, it was decided to plan the planned area as versatile as possible, so that it can be used not only for the homeless but also by disaster victims in emergencies such as earthquakes where the need for shelter is critical. As a result of the research and discussions on the needs od these person and the other benefits that the design possibly provide, it was decided to create a portable modular system that will meet their needs such as food, shelter, socialization and personal hygiene, and to design a space that will help meet basic needs by integrating the solutions of these needs with each other. During the development process of the project, “Çorbada Tuzun Olsun” Association, an NGO working actively with the homeless, was contacted. After the project was presented to them, information and ideas were received from the association on how the project could be developed.

The design of the shelter module was based on the principle of easy portability and providing the shelter needs of the users at the maximum comfort level. The module includes a foldable bed and shelf, window opening, steel structure, parachute cloth and platform. Insulation material and plastic panels are positioned inside the platforms and in the areas between the two platforms. Plastic panels are fixed to the roof structure. Parachute cloth is used on the side surfaces and fixed to the floor with snaps. On the surface where the steel frame of the shelter module is attached, there is a window opening, a shelf that can be opened at the bottom of the window and a folded bed system. With this part, the platform part folds closed and becomes a portable module. On both sides of the platform there is a system that allows the steel frame to slide. The steel structure is pulled and fixed on the system. The installation of the module takes place as follows:

1. The platform is placed on the ground perpendicular to the part where the steel structure is located.
2. The steel structure is moved forward by sliding it from the 2 sides of the platform.
3. As the structure advances, the parachute cloth stretches by itself.
4. The bed and shelves are opened and the installation is realized.