Call For Design Briefs


This platform aims to bring “designers” and “universities/NGOs” together for developing social responsibility projects and to support their implementation processes. By increasing the visibility of these projects, it helps promote new solutions for inclusivity. In addition to responding to the needs with the project outcomes, this platform also aims to raise awareness about inclusion within the society.

The most effective way to use the platform is for NGOs to form a partnership with a university and co-develop design briefs. Tutors from the university then organise design students to answer the design briefs as course projects. NGOs can support student projects throughout providing disabled volunteers as design partners.

You may use the SIDe platform to form new partnerships. Through this platform, you can search for potential partners. In the “Universities/NGOs” (under “Participants” Tab), you can see all the universities and NGOs who have registered on the platform, showing they have an interest in inclusive design and social responsibility.

You may also submit your design brief which addresses social responsibility. Upon approval, your brief will be made publicly available and volunteer designers may access it and provide solutions. Projects can be proposed in a wide range from simple products to solutions for architectural structures and urban-scale needs for open/closed public spaces. To submit a design brief, you need to register at the platform first.

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Projects need to be within the framework of social responsibility and have the potential to benefit society with an inclusive approach. In line with this, in addition to non-governmental organizations, local administrations, universities, various foundations and charities; representatives from the private sector and individuals from disadvantaged groups can also send project proposals with a social responsibility approach in mind. It is important that design demands are created without any commercial concern. You can access the project proposals which have been approved from the link below:

The list of our design briefs


If a university and an NGO have formed a partnership, you can co-develop design briefs and submit them on the SIDe platform.

We carefully evaluate each project proposal and all the design briefs go through a closed review process before publication. The rules for submitting a Design Brief are as follows:

  • The purpose of the project and its beneficiaries need to be clearly expressed
  • The project needs to provide a public interest with an inclusive approach
  • The proposal needs to be developed with a sense of social responsibility

In addition to a maximum of 300 words of summary for the design brief, we expect you to send a single file (in PDF format, which may include written/visual information) to us via the platform. You may include any other explanations you deem necessary about the project proposal. You can follow the evaluation process of your project on your own membership page.

This platform does not take part or claim rights regarding the intellectual property of the resulting designs. Intellectual property issues are entirely dependent on the agreement between the “designer(s)” and the “Universities/NGOs”. If they both approve, the design solutions developed and the accompanying information regarding the process will be published in the project gallery of the platform. In this way, the platform aims to increase the visibility of the projects and to attract potential supporters for implementation.

Click to see the complete list of our completed inclusive design projects.