Participation in Economic Life

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Participation in Economic Life
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Participation in economic life is not only a right for everyone but also an important requirement of social sustainability. Although legal regulations and incentive mechanisms have been created to increase the participation of disabled people in economic life, the solutions are very limited when it comes to implementation or due to spatial/systemic/digital accessibility problems. Opportunities for the employment of people with disabilities can be seen only in certain areas due to these problems. Their right to contribute in a variety of sectors is being inhibited due to improper or inadequate practices.

Some of these problems can be eliminated with appropriate design solutions in work environments. In this way, economic independence for people with disabilities may be supported by enabling them to work in many different sectors as well as their participation in economic life. Within the scope of this project, the focus will be on developing solutions for increasing employment of disabled people by using design and ensuring equal conditions in their participation in economic life. This project will be carried out in collaboration with “Six Dots Foundation for the Blind”.

Areas that can be examined within the subject are:

  • Accessible workplaces
  • Products used in working places
  • Accessibility of equipment/tools used in specific sectors
  • Arrangement of workspaces with the Principles of Universal Design
  • Solutions for home-office workers
  • Participation in a variety of sectors
  • Accessibility of the training equipment used in professional development
  • Digital accessibility

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