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Daily Life
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In our daily life, we interact with many products, systems and places, both in planned and unplanned manner. On the other hand, an important part of the society, including visually impaired people, may experience interaction problems due to "bad designs" in their daily lives related to very basic products, open/closed public spaces and other poorly designed areas inside the cities they live. These interaction problems are likely to cover many situations ranging from remarkably simple products that we use daily in our home to access to our daily workplaces.

However, sometimes assistive devices used by people with disabilities (for example, a visually impaired walking stick may hinder using one hand in certain cases) can cause problems in performing some actions in daily life. For this reason, an inclusive perspective is important, and solutions are needed to make the interaction in everyday life more accessible for all, so that everyone in the community can benefit. This project will be carried out in collaboration with “Six Dots Foundation for the Blind”. Specific areas that can be examined within the subject are:
  • Multi-sensory communications
  • Solution suggestions for object identification
  • Assistive device-induced interaction problems
  • Interaction problems in daily routine activities
  • Access problems for different places in everyday living spaces
  • Solutions for daily needs in open and closed areas
  • A better urban experience for everyone
  • etc

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