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Shopping For All
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Providing solutions with equal opportunities for shopping is a necessity. Enabling inclusive shopping experiences supports good access to basic needs and promotes indepenence and quality of life. Shopping covers a wide range of areas, from food to clothing and even products related to our health such as medicines. However, like many disabled groups, visually impaired people may experience interaction problems in relation to the shopping process. These problems can sometimes prevent access to the shopping area, spatial access within it and finding the desired products quickly and without any help.

Since the online purchase / payment processes, which are widely used today, are often visually intensive, they may present challenges for those with visual impairments. Within the scope of this project call, it is the intention to examine solutions that can provide an improved shopping experience for everyone as well as for visually impaired people. This project will be carried out in collaboration with “Six Dots Foundation for the Blind”.

Certain areas that can be examined within the subject are:

  • Accessibility problems in markets
  • Open and closed shopping spaces
  • Problems encountered when using visual canes in the shopping environment
  • Spatial organisation of shopping areas
  • Information access issues
  • Internet shopping problems for people with impaired sight
  • Multi-sensory solutions

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