Transportation For All

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Transportation For All
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To provide the best social integration in the city, everyone should have equal access to all means of transportation and to every kind of vehicle, system and environment offered to the society. These facilities include systems that can be considered as a part of the urban infrastructure such as public transportation, access to public spaces, complementary units such as elevators / overpasses, or urban circulation elements that are important for security, such as traffic lights. In this respect, an improperly established transportation system within the infrastructure will not only affect the quality of life of a large section of the society but will also have important safety concerns for everyone.

Some of these problems arise from failure to comply with regulations, insufficient audits, inadequacy in feedback mechanisms and violations based on insufficient awareness of their impact on disabled people. In this project call, which concerns all parts of the society, solutions and new perspectives are needed to eliminate the need for “assistance” that disabled people sometimes encounter; and, in this way support the independent transportation of everyone in the best way. This project will be carried out in collaboration with “Six Dots Foundation for the Blind”.

Specific areas that can be examined within the subject are:

  • Access to public transport
  • Access to special vehicles (for the disabled)
  • Problems encountered in non-directional / multi-directional city points
  • Problems encountered in traffic lights and crossing areas
  • Accessibility in transportation vehicles
  • Multi-sensory information / directions
  • Accessible route maps

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