Participation in Public and Social Life

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Participation in Public and Social Life
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Urban spaces and the solutions they provide for people have a significant impact on social interaction and cultural development. These environments include different places from restaurants and parks to museums, theatres, cinemas and concert venues where social and cultural interactions occur and include the systems or products used inside as a whole. In addition to the problems regarding the accessibility of disabled people to many events or cultural venues the available solutions in certain locations that are considered accessible are not always providing equal access for disabled people. Considering that there are approximately 12% disabled people in Turkey, it is an undeniable fact that people who cannot access cultural and social services as a result of improper practices form a large part of their community and society.

Barrier-free tourism opportunities are also important to consider in terms of social sustainability. In addition to ensuring equal access, this will enhance the city’s identity positively on a global stage. This project call focuses on identifying problems that prevent everyone from accessing social and cultural urban spaces to provide better solutions for everyone. This project will be carried out in collaboration with “Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey”.

Certain areas that can be examined within the subject are:

  • Common areas such as restaurants, shopping malls
  • Areas to support cultural development
  • Accessibility for all to different cultural activities under equal conditions
  • Requirements regarding open and closed areas
  • Access to information
  • Barrier-free tourism

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