Sehir'Desen "An Unlimited City Discovery"

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Sehir'Desen "An Unlimited City Discovery"
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Ceyda Tosbıyık, Murat Onur Tahmaz, Esen Zafer, Sena İslamoğlu, Fatih Gülen, Canan Çam Yücel

As the starting point of this project, we aimed to bring children to cities that they cannot reach and see and make them want to stay in that city and motivate them to leave their houses. For this purpose, we tried to prevent inaccessibility in cities by designing different sensory products. With the products we design, the desire to learn in the person is supported by the unique narratives of the city. Integrations that will enable the active use of children's senses with learning disabilities will reinforce their sensory perceptions. In this direction, we have designed solutions suitable for individuals of all ages with more than one product, giving priority to children.

With the sensory city booklet, we aimed to show that cities can be perceived with different senses while at the same time arousing children's desire to explore. In these booklets, while introducing the texture of the relevant structure and the shape of the building to children, we also aimed to convey its written and audio descriptions and even the specific smell of the place. On the other hand, the QR codes contain sign language videos and audio descriptions. The user feels the smells of the place through friction on the paper.

We designed the play kits intending to convey the information about the buildings that will introduce the city to the children in the most entertaining way. The buttons on the board game convey the information regarding the location of the structure in the city and its relationship with other structures to the players. The game cards can be socketed into the reader in the kit, which reads the questions they contain to the children. The questions are specific to the structures included in the game. The miniature models of structures are designed as objects that can be touched and examined in detail for children to explore the forms holistically. The players can freely take the model in the game and examine it inside their hands.

Cookie moulds appeal to the senses of touch and sight, as they are created in the basic forms of structures. There are cookie recipes in the booklet that contain the scents of specific parts of the city. Our design solution specifically requires teamwork to strengthen the children's social skills, which also creates an exercise area for the child to express herself confidently.