Participation in Public Life

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Participation in Public Life
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Increasing the use of urban spaces where social interaction can be ensured at every moment of daily life will enhance the social development of the people living in the cities, as well as their “well-being”, by supporting the interaction between people and nature. Although public spaces may vary in terms of environmental, structural, cultural, regional, climatic and many other concepts/variables, it is a common requirement to provide access opportunities for everyone. If the right design solutions are offered in this respect, many beneficiaries, especially disabled people, will have equal access.

Although it is a legal obligation to support the access of the designed environments with wheelchairs, the related obligations are not always properly addressed in the early implementation phases. Also, solutions that exist do not always appear to serve their purpose due to poor design that may be the result of inadequate audits and insights. These solutions may be related to the specific areas themselves or they may include the services provided in these areas. In this project call, solutions will be sought for everyone, which can maximize public participation, regardless of open or closed areas. This project will be carried out in collaboration with “Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey”.

Specific areas that can be examined within the subject are:

  • Access to public spaces and circulation
  • Person-person or person-nature interaction
  • Open and closed public spaces
  • Services offered in public places
  • Environmental compatibility with assistive devices such as wheelchairs
  • Public information systems
  • Moving independently in the public spaces

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