SIDe Project Book
SIDe Project Book

We are pleased to announce the SIDe Project Book:
“Inclusive Design + Social Innovation: A Methodology and Case Studies”

To download: 
ePUB version with tagged image descriptions (English)
ePUB version with tagged image descriptions (Turkish)
PDF print-published version (bilingual in English and Turkish) 

The first four chapters of the Book provide academic perspectives on inclusive design, co-creation, social innovation, and social responsibility by distinguished authors from four universities, i.e., University of Cambridge, Kingston University London, Brunel University London, and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Chapter 5-7 focus on the SIDe project, its collaboration model that links Universities and NGOs for effective partnership on inclusive design projects through design education, and the reflections of the partners involved with whom the framework was tested. The last part of the book presents 14 inclusive design projects, as the design outcome of the SIDe collaboration framework, which involved 56 design students and four tutors with different backgrounds (industrial design, interior architecture, architecture, and city and regional planning), and two partner organisations in Turkey (the Six Dots Foundation for the Blinds and the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey). At the end of this book, a comprehensive list of resources on inclusive design can be found focussing on different aspects of inclusive design and accessibility.

As the SIDe project team from the UK and Turkey, we hope this book will provide a case and method suggestion to build capacity for social innovation through sustaining effective inclusive design collaborations with different types of stakeholders and will inspire readers and help raise awareness on the importance of inclusive design spanning different scales.